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  • Veloche Interior and Exhibition

  • Ventura

Mrs. Earth 2023 / Mrs. World UAE 2021

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Debanjali Kamstra, the founder of Veloche Contracting LLC and Ventura LLC, is a prominent and visionary entrepreneur in the UAE. Her organizations have become key drivers of employment, with a workforce of over 100 individuals, and have opened doors to countless others by offering opportunities for sustenance, education, and growth, not only in the UAE but also in various underserved rural regions.


​In the world of pageantry, there are individuals whose elegance, intelligence, and commitment to the environment set them apart as true champions. Among these remarkable individuals stands Debanjali Kamstra, the name that is rising to the horizon of making a positive impact on the world.

Debanjali Kamstra won Mrs. EARTH UAE on July 12th 2023 and set her journey for the global competition Mrs. Earth 2023 to Manila and surprised everyone with the Crown winner representing UAE and Became MRS. EARTH 2023.

Through various rounds of competition, Debanjali Kamstra showcased her brilliance, charisma, and deep understanding of environmental challenges. Her genuine concern for Mother Earth and her commitment to making secured her place as an ambassador for sustainable living in the UAE.

Her vision is to spread awareness for a sustainability lifestyle and sustainable projects in UAE as well as globally. She will be a woman who will promote sustainability in every aspect of her journey and life.

In 2021, Debanjali Kamstrawon the title of Mrs. World UAE at the prestigious global competition Mrs. World held in the dazzling city of Las Vegas representing UAE. She emerged as the 2nd runner up being the top 3 between 45 other countries. She remains an advocate for Autism and the inclusivity of Autistic children in the common world on this platform, and her dedication to this advocacy continues even today.

Mrs. World UAE, 2021
Awarded for Best Exotic National Costume

The Golden Falcon

The Golden Falcon represents the UAE's national bird and the color gold represents the luxury and royalty of Emirates. The expanded wings represent the expansion of the nation in the past and the plan for the future.

Mrs. Earth 2023
Awarded for Best Overall National Costume

Family Life 

A Beautiful Journey of Marriage and Motherhood

Debanjali Kamstra's life has been a beautiful journey of love, commitment, and motherhood. Born with a zest for life, Debanjali Kamstra embarked on the path of marriage in 2013 when she tied the knot with her soulmate, Christiaan Kamstra. Little did they know that their union would be blessed with two adorable angels who would become the center of their universe.

In 2015, their lives were forever changed with the arrival of their first bundle of joy, Victoria. The moment Debanjali Kamstra held Victoria Kamstra in her arms for the first time, an overwhelming sense of love and responsibility washed over her. From that day on, she embraced motherhood with open arms, cherishing every precious moment with her little one.

In 2016 Debanjali Kamstra was blessed with a new princess Tiffany Kamstra making the Kamstra family complete.


Debanjali Kamstra's journey in the professional world began in 2008 when she embarked on an exciting career as a member of the Emirates Cabin Crew. Her time with Emirates allowed her to explore the world, interact with diverse cultures, and develop a passion for excellence in customer service.


Armed with an architecture background and a vision to create something extraordinary, Debanjali Kamstra took a leap of faith in 2012 and founded Veloche Interior and Exhibition in the United Arab Emirates. At just 26 years old, she became one of the youngest female entrepreneur in the UAE. Veloche Interior and Exhibition quickly gained recognition for its innovative designs and impeccable execution, earning Debanjali Kamstra a reputation as a dynamic and talented businesswoman. expanding to the UK and making the organization global.


Never one to rest on her laurels, Debanjali Kamstra's entrepreneurial spirit led her to another venture in 2019. She founded Ventura, a furniture business that aimed to redefine elegance and comfort in corporate furnishing interiors. With her keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of design aesthetics, Ventura quickly found its place among the leading furniture brands in the UAE.


Apart from her achievements in the business world, Debanjali Kamstra is a passionate advocate for causes close to her heart. She has been actively involved in advocating for the rights and well-being of children with autism.
Her efforts aim to create awareness, foster understanding, and support these children and their families in their journey towards a better quality of life.


Additionally, Debanjali Kamstra is a strong proponent of financial independence for people of determination (POD), a term used in the UAE to refer to individuals with disabilities. By promoting opportunities for POD individuals to become financially independent, she envisions a society that is inclusive and empowering for all.


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